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A portfolio on research degree supervision - the Preface

The contents of the portfolio, as shown on the portfolio structure page in Table 1 are presented in an order useful for a reader or assessor. However from your point of view, having to produce the portfolio, they are most easily understood out of order, in the order shown in the side menu.

This page considers Section 3, ie the Preface of the portfolio.

The Preface (Section 6 of Table 1)

Indicative lists of knowledge, skills and values appropriate for research supervision* are provided in Table T1, Table T2 and Table T3 respectively, and you can quote them directly as you would of any other published material. However you will almost certainly want to rearrange them, add to them or amend them for your own situation, in which case you should provide a short explanation of where, how and why you are doing so.

As you will see shortly, your list of values will need to be numbered in your portfolio for ease of cross-referencing.

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* 'Supervisor' is a shorthand for 'research degree supervisor', 'advisor' or 'tutor', and applies to varying extents for all research degrees: PhD, DPhil. MPhil, Prof Doc and even undergraduate and masters' projects. In some countries, notably the USA, a 'supervisor' is known as an 'advisor'.